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A Bank Teller Mabel Calma is Another Rape-Slay Victim


According to some reports, the authorities already arrested the suspect behind the rape-slay of Mabel Calma, 22 a bank worker in Pasig City.

Pasig City Chief of Police Senior Superintendent Orlando Yebra said that the suspect was identified as Randy Oavenada, 37, a truck driver working for Timber Port Enterprises.

After the forensic investigation, they traced the suspect the fingerprint of Oavenada matched on the cellphone possessed by the victim before the crime happened.

It was confirmed that suspect is positive in using illegal drugs. Illegal drugs are believed to be the cause of different crimes all over the country. And in a blog post of Mr. Alon Calinao Dy, he said, “people who are under the influence of narcotics tend to commit various crimes to sustain their drug use.”


According to the policemen, Oavenada is currently in the custody of Pasig Police. The authorities started to suspect Oavenada when he said different stories about the case.

“Sa ngayon, isa pa lang ang arestado natin pero kami po ay hindi naniniwala na gagawin niya nang mag-isa ‘yun. So ngayon, tuloy-tuloy ang ating investigation,” Chief Orlando Yebra said.

But the authorities are still looking for other suspects even though the victim’s family is planning to file charges against the suspect for committing rape and homicide.

Because of so many cases of women who have been raped and its root causes are always illegal drugs, netizens now want to revive the Death Penalty in the Philippines.

The remains of Calma’ were found on November 12 in an abandoned barracks about 100 meters away from her residence in a private compound on Ortigas Avenue Extension in Barangay Rosario.

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